Frequently Ask Questions

How long does it take to get my business setup to accept Debit and Check cards?

It is very quick! You can be up and accepting payments in 3-5 business days.
You just need to complete an Application and attach these documents void check, W9, Federal Product License, Government issued photo ID, business sales tax license, EIN letter, and you Federal License.

How fast do I see my money?

Great question! If you ‘batch’ out by 3pm EST, your funds are posted the very next day; 24 hours. Batching after 3pm Est results in your funds being posted in 48 hours.

Is your solution legal?

Absolutely! In fact, it is the only legal method in accepting pin-based debit and check cards. All other methods are prohibited by MasterCard, VISA, Discover, and American Express.

How does the solution work?

It’s just like getting cash from an ATM but you are using a credit card terminal. You have the options to get cash from your savings account or checking account. The amount of cash comes in multiples of $5 increments with no maximum amount and you must have your 4-digit pin number.


Can I integrate my POS system with your credit card terminal?

Yes. Just call our integration team and they will work closely with the vendor.

Does Descomm sale Compliance Software?

Not at this time but we have several suggestions for these service providers which we can offer to you.

Can I sale products over the internet?

Yes. As long as it is not the actual CBD, cannabis, or hemp product. You can sale logo shirts supporting the use or
legalization of products, glassware, stickers, marketing items. A Descomm specialist can walk you through the steps to
get this account

If I have a business in Canada, can I get setup for it?

Yes. Although Canada rules are different there then the United States, Descomm can get you set up.

Is there an Application fee?

Yes. The fee is $95.

What is the service fee to my customers?

The fee is $4.

Why can’t I just get an ATM and stock with my cash?

It is illegal. It is called Laundering.

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